The National Association of Pharmacies has decided to institute the João Cordeiro Award to reward innovative projects whose implementation promotes the development of pharmacies.


In awarding the prize to the name of João Cordeiro, ANF intended to pay tribute to the entrepreneurial vision of the historic leader of Pharmacies so that his example would be a stimulus to the development of the sector.


This Regulation lays down the rules for applying for and awards the in the following terms:

ARTICLE 1 - Purpose

Support and reward original projects, within the scope of intervention and knowledge in Health, that promote the spirit of innovation and development in Portuguese Pharmacies.

ARTICLE 2 - Name, Categories and Conditions of Allocations

1. The prize will be called "João Cordeiro Award - Innovation in Pharmacy" and will be a biennial delivery.

2. The ANF Board, on a proposal from the Jury, will deliberate, annually, on other categories of Awards, conditions, deadlines and assignment.

ARTICLE 3 - Eligibility

1. Individual or collective entities, public or private, may apply for the prizes.

2. Entities belonging to the ANF Universe are not eligible.

ARTICLE 4 - Submission of Applications

1. The application forms must be submitted to the ANF through the electronic address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by the delivery at ANF headquarters, at Rua Marechal Saldanha, no. 1, in Lisbon.


2. The application process for the "João Cordeiro Award - Innovation in Pharmacy" should be structured as follows:


• Identification of the prize to which you are applying.


• Presentation of the application and a Business Plan, according to the models to be made available by ANF.


• Executive summary of the project, with the reasons for the application in light of the central objective of the award and the impact of its implementation in the pharmacy universe (maximum of 2 pages with font size 12 and single spacing between the lines).


3. The submission of applications implies the consent of the candidate for the publication of the executive summary of the project and / or published works.

ARTICLE 5 - Validation of Application Processes

1. The Jury will be assisted by an ANF executive team, in the collection, systematization and analysis of information regarding each application.

2. The executive team may consult the candidates, as well as other entities that have information considered relevant to the validation process.


ARTICLE 6 - Criteria for Evaluation of Applications

1. Applications for the "João Cordeiro Award - Innovation in Pharmacy" will be evaluated by a Jury, according to the following criteria:

• Suitability of the project concerned to the central objective.


• Innovative feature of the project that distinguishes it by its excellence and gives it competitive advantages in the markets where it is proposed to compete.


• Insertion of the process of development and commercialization of the project into a global pharmacy innovation strategy.


• Compliance with the rules imposed by the legislation in force in the markets to which the project is directed.


• Practical impact assessment on pharmacy efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.


• Feasibility and economic sustainability of the project.


ARTICLE 7 - Constitution and competencies of the Jury

1. The jury will be composed of a number of well-known personalities in the country and in the sector of pharmacies, appointed by the ANF Board, up to a maximum of twelve and a minimum of eight members.


2. Decisions of the Jury shall be taken by a simple majority of the members present at the meeting, the President having the casting vote.


3. The decision of the Jury shall not be subject to appeal.


4. The Jury will be able to consult the candidates, as well as the entities that have information considered relevant to the Evaluation process.


5. The Jury may not award prizes or award them, on an exceptional basis, to more than one nomination.


6. It shall be incumbent upon the Chairman of the Jury to convene and direct the meetings.


7. The Jury will meet at the ANF headquarters, which will provide adequate facilities and support to this end.


ARTICLE 8 - Prizes Value

1. The "João Cordeiro Award - Innovation in Pharmacy" provides for the award of a monetary value to the winners in the amount of € 20,000 (twenty thousand euros).


2. The values of the prizes may be made available by tranches, according to the criteria of the Jury, depending on the fulfillment of the main phases of the project.


3. The payment of the prizes may be dependent on the implementation of the presented Business Plan.


ARTICLE 9 - Other supports

The winners will also benefit from support for the implementation of their projects by the ANF Universe structures, to be defined according to the specificity of each case.

ARTICLE 10 - Awards

1. The decision of the Jury will take place within a maximum period of four months from the end of the deadline for submission of candidatures that will be published in each edition.


2. The prizes will be delivered in public session, at a date to be defined by the ANF, suggested by the Jury.


ARTICLE 11 - Validity and revision

This Regulation is in force for an indefinite period, and may be reviewed at any time by the ANF.

ARTICLE 12 - Final provision

The candidacy to the prizes implies the acceptance of the present Regulation.