José Eduardo Soares Moniz

José Eduardo Soares Moniz de Lucena was born in Ponta Delgada on May 6, 1952.


Academic training:


• Secondary School: National High School of Ponta Delgada


• Degree: German Philology, Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon


• Frequency of seminars abroad


Professional experience:




• 1972 To 1977: journalist of "Diário Popular", reporter and coordinator


• 1980: Chief Editor of "A Nação"


• 1985: Director of the magazine "Telestar"


• Collaborator of several publications




• 1984 to 1986: Radio Renascença - Morning Information Coordinator


• 1986: Responsible for the program "Sopa de Pedra"




• 1977: Head of the Department of News; Editor-in-Chief of News and News.


• 1978: Head of the Information Services of RTP / Azores; presenter of News and programs; interviewer.


• 1978 to 1980: Editor-in-Chief of the Channel 1 Television News; presenter of News and programs; interviewer.


• 1980 To 1982: Head of the News Department of RTP 1 and Deputy Director for Daily Information; presenter of News and programs; interviewer.


• 1983: Director of Daily Information of RTP.


• 1984 to 1985: member of the working group that conceived and installed the RTP Emission Center.


• 1985 to 1989: Coordinating Director of Information of RTP; presenter of News and programs, interviewer.


• 1989 to 1990: Coordinating Director of Information and programs of Channel 1 of RTP; presenter of News and programs; interviewer.


• 1992 - Bordalo Prize in the Television category • 1990 A 1994: Coordinating Director of Information and Programs of RTP (Channels 1 and 2), covering all station programming, including Sports Information; presenter of News, interviewer and moderator of programs like for example the series "De Caras".


• 1994 To 1997: as RTP collaborator, interviewer and moderator in programs such as "Prova Oral", "Na Ponta da Língua" and electoral debates.


• Throughout the career, conducting various special issues and carrying out work in Portugal and abroad.


• 1994 to 1998: Founder of the company "MMM-Producers Independent S.A.", of which he was Director General.


• He is responsible for his activities as a producer, for programs such as "86-60-86", "Minister's Woman", "Frou Frou", "Desculpem Qualquer Coisinha", "Superbébés", "Roleta Russa", "Tudo ao Molho e Fé em Deus", "Cabaret", "Noite de Reis","Não há Duas Sem Três", "Moda Paris","Moda Londres" e "Cybermaster".


• Frequency of seminars and internships abroad.


• Participation in several international meetings.


• 2005 - Personality of the Year, News Diary


• 2006 - Personality of the Year Award, Meios & Publicidade.


• 2007 - Appointed Personality of the Year in Audiovisual, by several Portuguese publications.


• September 1998: Was invited to be General Director of TVI-Televisão Independente S.A.


• September 2008: Was invited to be Member of Whos's Who Historical Society of Professionals.


• March 2009: Invited to be part of the PRISA Group's Strategic Audiovisual Development Committee.


• Author of several Conferences on Journalism and Audiovisual, in Portugal and Abroad.


• May 2009 is awarded the Vermeil Gold Medal of the Société Académique d'Éducation et d'Encouragement, Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Paris.


• August 2009 integrates the Ongoing Media staff with the position of Vice President.


• August 2012, Director of the Department of Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of Lisbon.


• October 2012 is appointed Vice-President of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.


• October 2013 founded JEM - MEDIA CONSULTANCY, LDA.


• 2018: Emmy Award Winner for Best Soap Opera.


Literary Production:


Author of "The Crisis and the Incognito at the Portuguese University", published in 1977 by Livraria Bertrand.


Other Personal Information:


• Married to Manuela Moura Guedes


• Father of Eduardo Nuno Soares da Silva Moniz, José Maria Guedes Pereira Moniz and Maria Madalena Guedes Pereira Moniz.