1. What is the scope of the work or projects to be submitted?


It is intended to support and reward original projects, within the scope of intervention and knowledge in Health, that promote the spirit of innovation and development in Portuguese pharmacies.


2. Who is it for?


Any individual or collective entity, public or private, from the most diverse professional sectors can apply.


3. How can I submit an application?


The application process must be submitted to the ANF through the electronic address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by the delivery at ANF headquarters, at Rua Marechal Saldanha, no. 1, in Lisbon


4. When are applications submitted?



5. How will applications be evaluated?


The evaluation and evaluation of the candidacies is carried out by a Jury that will make an evaluation of the applications considering the following criteria:


a. Suitability of the project concerned to the main objective.


b. Innovative feature of the project that distinguishes it by its excellence and gives it competitive advantages in the markets where it is proposed to compete.


c. Insertion of the process of development and commercialization of the project into a global pharmacy innovation strategy.


d. Compliance with the rules imposed by the legislation in force in the markets to which the project is directed.


e. Practical impact assessment on pharmacy efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.


f. Feasibility and economic sustainability of the project.


6. How should the application process be constituted?


The application process should be structured as follows:


a. Identification of the candidate;


b. Identification of the prize to which he / she is applying;


c. Presentation of the application and a Business Plan, according to the models to be made available by the ANF;


d. Executive summary of the project, with the reasons for the application in the light of the central objective of the award and the impact of its implementation in the pharmacy universe (maximum of 2 pages with font size 12 and simple spacing between the lines);


e. Consent to the publication of the executive summary of the project and / or published works.


7. What is the monetary value of the Prize?


The "João Cordeiro Award - Innovation in Pharmacy" provides for the award of a pecuniary value to the winners in the amount of € 20,000 (twenty thousand euros).


The values ​​of the prizes may be made available by tranches, according to the criteria of the Jury, depending on the fulfillment of the main phases of the project.


The payment of the premiums may be dependent on the implementation of the presented Business Plan.


pdfApplication Form


pdfSample Business Plan